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Acacia & Saffron

New for 2017 we are very happy and proud to present our finest acacia honey with saffron spice infusion using filaments and saffron powder. The saffron filament tips only are used for the infusion because it is here in the stigma tips of the crocus flower that the very highest concentration of saffron active chemicals like crocin, picocrocin and safranal are found, so using the finest part of the saffron filament adds to the strength and depth of both flavour and colour characteristics.

Our exceptional acacia honey is harvested and produced mainly in the northern part of Bulgaria, near Tutrakan, Silistra and Ruse. Our fine Acacia honey is collected during the springtime mainly from the nectar of “white” acacia (Robinia Pseudoacacia). Its color ranges from almost colorless to straw yellow, with very light neutral flavor and it smells sweet of acacia blossom. The taste is medium sweet and delicate, with balanced aftertaste reminding of fruit trees, acacia flowers, fresh butter, cream cakes, vanilla and apples. Rarely crystallizes.